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Advokatfirman NorelidHolm
P.O. Box 7394
SE -103 91 Stockholm


Visiting Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 15, 5th floor

Tel: +46-8-463 04 60
Fax: +46-8-463 04 70

Advokatfirman NorelidHolm is a full-service law firm with many years of cumulative experience in complex and sophisticated corporate and commercial issues. The mission of the firm is to provide an overall legal solution, as well as personal commitment, to a broad client base.

Advokatfirman NorelidHolm regularly advice on all issues relating to the creation, production and distribution of all kinds of advertising, marketing and promotion material across all media. NorelidHolm is a well-established player on the international legal market and represents a large number of top tier prominent national and international companies in marketing law related matters.

Partner Susanna Norelid in specific, is a specialist within the marketing and advertising law area. She is a member of the ICC reference group for Marketing and a board member of the Swedish Marketing Association. Ms Norelid is also frequently used as a speaker and lecturer within this field.

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Name: Ms Susanna Norelid
Tel: +46 733 74 40 52



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