Adlaw International is a global network of law firms specialising in advertising and marketing law. We service the needs of the modern advertiser in the global market place.

With the combined strength of our local member firms throughout the world, we provide international clearance advice to advertisers and agencies who need to comply with the legal and regulatory issues in other markets.

The advantages of clearing your campaigns through Adlaw International are:

  • Quality: We are all leading advertising law specialists in our own countries
  • Practical: With many years experience dedicated to the sector we understand our clients need for practical, focused advice
  • Speed: Our established network of lawyers understand and work within the time constraints of advertisers and their agencies
  • Cost: We set clear budgets with our clients to ensure that the cost of getting advice from multiple legal advisers is controlled and realistic
  • Convenience: Your local member will manage the whole legal process for you, providing a clear report on the issues and dealing with all payments

To learn more about our services please contact either your local member or our Chairman, Christoph Kolonko

Congratulations to 

Coblence & Associés

on the success of 

 la conf√©rence annuelle d'Adlaw International

Adlaw International Annual Conference

held in


17 SEPTEMBRE 2015 /  SEPTEMBER 17 2015




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Prague, Czech Republic 



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